Friday, April 1, 2011

The Manic Job Search

In the two weeks we have known that we will be moving to Madison, I have applied to 15 jobs and counting.  I applied to every available position at local Libraries, at a major company, and with the government.  Some positions I am grossly overqualified for.  Some I am under qualified for.  And a few I want more than others.

So now all I have left to do is wait.  Wait for more jobs to be posted.  Wait to hear back from the 15 I applied to.  Wait.

What doesn’t help is that my current job has no counterpart in Madison.  I will be starting over in a totally new career.  My legal license doesn’t even transfer and I would need to retake the bar exam in Wisconsin if I wanted to practice law.  I don’t really want to practice law, but if I could, that would just be more jobs to apply to.

And really, all I need is a low paying part-time job to bring in extra money.  Just a couple hundred dollars a month would really make our budget shine.  Did I mention we have a budget that we scrutinize every single day?  If we stick to our plan we can afford to live in Madison and not go into debt.  We just need to stick with it.  And me getting a job would make a huge difference.

I think once I find a position things will really start to calm down.  The worry will ease.  We can afford to live in the house we want, even though we never thought we could.  We can afford to go out to dinner once a week and occasionally buy organic groceries.  We can live the life we are currently living, just in Madison.

So it hasn’t even been one week since we had our contract accepted on the house, but we are finally starting to see the reality of the situation.  I know things will work out.  Trust in the Universe and everything will be okay.  I will find a job, we will get a loan, we will move into this perfect house in June.  Everything will be okay. 

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