Monday, April 4, 2011

A Whole New Worry: Moving

So over the weekend we started to think about the logistics of moving.  What we will bring with us, when we will move, how will we move…Then we came to the conclusion that there are a lot of different factors to consider.  Like, do we really need our dining room table if Dh’s parents are going to give us their old one?  And will our couch and love seat actually fit in the new place?  And is our stuff even valuable enough to take with us. ..that is where we hit our first bump in the road.

See, we have some decent furniture; it is just not the best stuff.  But it will work.  And we don’t have tons of disposable income to purchase brand new couches, so these will have to work.  Then we came to the question of how to move.  Get a Uhaul truck and load the stuff ourselves?  Hire a moving company?  Are you sure we can really lift these couches?

Now, throw in the fact that Dh has orientation starting two weeks before closing.  So, theoretically, he will be working when we are having our furniture moved in and thus not be around to help lift these silly couches that aren’t worth the cost of a moving company.  There is our dilemma.

But after many quick internet quotes, many disappointments that some companies do not service our current location, and a few references to the Medical Spouses book, we came up with a solution that just may work.  Get a moving company that has the option of loading and unloading, with storage available, but where we can pack our own belongings to save a little bit of cash.  For now, that is the best option.  That is really the only option.  But we are still three months out from actually closing and many things can happen between now and then.

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