Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Update: What a bad blogger I’ve been

So, it has been a couple weeks since my last post.  Sorry!  I need to be a better blogger.  Lots of updates to be had.  Let’s see…the inspection on the house went well.  They only found a few minor defects and the sellers agreed to fix them all.  Score!

On the job front, still no progress.  I must have applied to close to 30 jobs now, but still no offers.  I think there are a few things working against me at this point.  One, my address is in a different state than all the jobs I’m applying to.  That can’t help.  Two, I appear more than overqualified for the majority of the jobs I’ve sent applications in for.  Who wants to spend the time to interview an attorney when they think they can’t offer the salary I would want?  News flash: I don’t make squat now! And if I can’t find a job, then I won’t be making anything.  This is all just very frustrating.  And three, I won’t be moving to Madison for another month and a half at the earliest.  Who wants to hire me that far out?  Most people are looking for employees to start right away, not in two months.

And of course the whole job front brings me to my current position.  We interviewed several people for my job and ended up picking the girl.  I could have told them that if they interviewed three guys and one girl, the girl is likely going to be the one that is most like me.  She is super sweet and nice and I think she will do well in this position.  But it has me thinking again…did I just make the worst mistake of my life?  Did I just give up this great position to someone else?

No.  I can’t let myself think that way.  Without quitting this job I would never know and always wonder.  I would always wonder if I could get a job at a library.  I would always wonder if I could get that dreamy non-profit position.  I would think I made a mistake either way.  The only way out of this predicament is finding a job.  Easier said than done.

So my fall back plan right now is to work on my freelance writing until I get an offer.  Or, keep freelancing while working part-time.  I like writing.  It is a passion of mine.  Freelance writing for content mill sites just helps me hone my craft.  And it is fun to learn about all these different things.  Dh doesn’t like me talking about freelancing for a living.  Likely because I am not making much right now.  But $25 a day is still good when I am working a full day and have only been doing it for a week.  I will get better.  I will get faster.  I will get accepted to sites that pay more. 

I think in the back of my mind I would really love a career as a freelance writer.  If I could just get a few private clients I could really make something of myself.  Maybe down the road this can be a reality.  But for now I will just keep applying to jobs.  Ugh.  Why won’t someone hire me?

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